19 September 2015


I fully understand the frustration of a long chat that leads to nowhere when all you wanted was someone to sex with. Such frustration build up in some people in such level that they do not tolerate any length of conversation, and will get mad at people who asked too much. To them, it's like, fuck or not? If not, fuck off.

In an effort to understand the angst of these people, I have reason to believe that they have been rejected many a times, which inevitably can be concluded that they are not desirable by the unofficial consensus of the gay circle. As prematurely as it seems, this is base on the belief that one needs to be rejected way many times to try to cover up their undesirableness with a sense of urgency. Unfortunately for me, on my path towards achieving the Great Promiscuousnes, I have stumbled upon some of such person. It took me several encounters to finally learn that pushy hook up is bad hook up.

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