08 February 2006

Indecent Proposal

I actually did meet up and chat with some people who emailed me after seeing the crotch pic of mine, although none lead to actual sex. Probably because my crotch looks better then my pic  Well, I'm gonna take it as some sort of compliment because at least I have something that looks good, although I wish it was the other part. Ok, maybe I am not drop dead gorgeous but I am decent looking. I guess when ons is involved, we all wish that our partner are someone we would like to look at and feel of, instead of closing our eyes while getting things done.

I think I worked out some theory recently. Hear me out. Good looking guys are able to have ons easier because of their look. But when their belly are fulled, they long for real love instead because they know that with their look, they can have ons anytime. But real love comes scarce, so, many of them after venturing into the field of sex would retreat to the love maze in search of true love. Which is where the less good looking guys comes in. Because the average guy can't fight good look with good look, they tend to cultivate their character. So, if they chance upon such love searcher, they can usually scores. For the less average people, it is hard for them to get ons because of the discrimination gays inscripted into their soul. Ends up some of them are willing to do anything just for sex. The average looking people took advantage of this and use them to their fancy. Some of them does wake up and smell the air, realizing that they are victims of circumstances,  thus swearing in search of true love. Per chance, they might bump into those good looking ones and cupid might strikes. In this case, might. It really depends on how below par they actually are. Discrimination still occurs no matter how pure the love was.

My point is, there are a lot of good looking guys out there who would want to have a real relationship but can't have them because they have this phobia of how superficial gay love can be because some of them might not be so proud of their or their friend's past.

Conclusion, average gay people, move forward, for you are the luckiest! All sexual fantasies available to you if only you so wish with half an eye open, and by the end of the day when you are tired of the whole commotion, you can settle down with a good looking man who swears undying love, by not telling the whole  truth, mind you...

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