22 February 2006

Trefoil Knot

We always call it the gay circle, but if you look at it carefully, it is not a circle, it's a trefoil knot. In a circle, there is no beginning or end but at the same time, not on any point of the circle will they touch any other points besides the two points adjacent to it no matter how it moves. But in a trefoil knot, it still remains to have no beginning or end, but any point can touch any point when the point moves along the trefoil knot.

In a cirlce, there is only one space. You position to the core of the circle depends on your relative position. But in a trefoil knot, there is a center and 3 outer circle. Each seems to represent different prospects. So, you can be in the true center of gayism or you can be standing on the outer edge looking towards the center yet oblivious of the exisiting 2 groups. You thought there were only two, but there were actually 2 more...

This is what I think about this circle. Just when you think you are discreet about your position, you found out that everybody actually knows everybody. It's a matter of who you know and who they know. It's not really that big of a society. Nearly all my gym class instructors are gay and so are most of the gymmers. Not that I'm surprise but the truth can be intimidating somehow.

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