10 June 2007

Regrettably so

I think I discriminated a fellow gay today in a chatroom today, though in my defence I think it was a mild one, the silent treatment I would call it. Anyway, was not totally happy about it but somehow it just came easily when the situation arise.

Gay are superficial. If someone where good looking with a great body, he would probably not make new friends with someone below his par regardless of how sincere he said he was about friendship. Does he really need a new friend that is not good looking and are of no sexual appeal to him? Does he really need another friend in the first place? Just think of what you yourself would do in the same circumstances. If that person is deem below par by you, would you really want to get to know him better? Some people might argue that they have friends that are not as good looking as themselves, but in this case I am not talking about normal person. I am referring to the group of people that most of the society discriminate upon, which was magnified in this circle. Whether it be chub, feminine, mature. If you are within the distribution of normal to above par, would you really want to befriend someone from below par when he approach you? Unless there is a particular fetish, most would do just as I said. I am not saying that it is something pretty or to agree upon, it's just that things are how it is. It's not wrong, it's just that most of us can't accept it.

The way I see it, gay would probably be accepted by the world in the future. But discrimination within the circle will never cease to exist at all. If it does, well, gays wouldn't be gays.

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