30 June 2007


It’s been awhile since I last properly sit down in front of the TV to watch a whole movie. I guess the lifestyle I have now are taking a toll of its own share. Elizabethtown stars Orlando Bloom. Someone to drool over endlessly. But goodlooking aside, the movie itself gives me some insight on life. I came upon it by chance while channel surfing and website hopping on a bored Friday night.

The movie begins with the encounter of Kirsten Dunst with Orlando Bloom on a flight and it develops into a relationship. Seeing how it all fall into place, one just can’t help but wonder if similar thing would happen in real life. It’s so hollywood that one could only ridiculed oneself into believing it. But if you think about it and reduce the dimension to suit our daily life, could it not happen? Every encounter with a stranger could develop into something if the circumstances allows it and one take hold of the chance.

Sometimes I wonder why so many people who wanted to be in a relationship fails to find it. I think it’s because that they are trying too hard. When you try too hard, you develop a certain ideas about how your partner should act, and that is often what breaks the relationship. From what I have noticed, a lasting relationship usually begins with something much simpler. Both party actually does not want to be in a relationship with the other on that moment. Some might even hate their current partner then but learn to love him later. Those are the successful examples around me. I don’t define successful as happily ever after, but a relationship that continues to grow strong and even when ended leave no regrets.

Life is a bitch and that’s just how things goes, the more you want it the more you are not going to get it.


We are just substitute people, that’s what Kirsten Dunst said in the movie. Substitute people are impossible to forget but hard to remember. They have less pressure. That’s sounds like an ideal relationship for me. To be substituting for someone else, but without the pressure for being that someone.

Substitute people don’t have happily ever after, their ending are unpredictable, but one thing for sure, their whole procession is filled with amazing experiences. Hmm... exactly motto in life.

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