24 September 2007

My Playlist of PLU Songs

Promiscuous ~ Nelly Furtado
The music for fishing in progress.

Unfaithful ~ Rihana
Anthem for the promiscuously attached man.

The Best ~ Tina Turner
The ONS song, the lyric speaks for itself.

Love At First Sight ~ Kylie Minogue
Somehow this happen more often with gay men. They will like you the first day, call you dear the second and expect to move in on the third.

Don’t Turn Off The Light ~ Enrique Iglesias
Not all of us are expert or can read mind. You must speak your mind during sex, not complaining to your friends how lousy the other person is.

The Flame ~ Cheap Trick
Denounce thy undying love, denounce!

You Don’t Bring Me Flower Anymore ~ Barbara Streisand & Neil Diamond
For the stagnant relationship that drift apart.

My Happy Ending ~ Avril Lavigne
Breakup song for the perfect gay man that just has a tendency to fuck around.

Love Song For No One ~ John Mayer
The desperate, but surely dramatic, cried out of a single gay who just broke up two weeks ago.

Perhaps Love ~ John Denver & Placido Domingo
My personal favorite for no apparent reason.

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Anonymous said...

cool choices. imma share this with my friends too!