06 October 2007

Death by stupidity deserve no pity

I know that people can die from heart complication, but if the heart here is referred to feeling wise, I couldn't for all the brain cells of mine working together, understand how? I mean, come on, so a man dump you, big deal. A lot of people get dumped, you wouldn't be the first nor would you be the last. Dying wouldn't get you back together even if he is touched by your action. But if it's me, I'll be freak out, big time! Even if you live through the ordeal, I wouldn't want to be near you. You think the person that one have supposedly died for are not in a trauma too? It's like realizing that you have a time bomb near you all this while, but was glad that it does not detonate around you. It could develop into a bloody massacre for all we know.

Some people might say, how could you say something like that? But really, if it's your bf, you'll freak out too. No, if it's me I'll never do that to my bf. Please, all this while it has only been one side of the story, who knows what really happened. But, even if it happened as it was told, to die for or even to hurt yourself? That's stupid. Death by stupidity deserve no pity.

You know, I have skimp through the posts all this while, and somehow it didn't surprise me a bit that it turns out this way. Call me psycho if you will, but I remember way back there was a similar incident posted here also. Someone died because someone was dumped or something and some friends posted for the person. The first thing that go through my mind after reading both posts was, wow, so people nowadays share their accounts? Or do people leave down their ID and password to their friends and ask their friends to post to the net, that should any misfortune befall upon them, they should inform all the sympathetic strangers of his latest update? It takes a very disturbed person to think that way or a very drama person to arrange such an elaborate stage performance.

I apologize for being such a bloody heartless person if actual casualties were involved. But I think I meant everything that I just said. Hopefully none of the friends are reading this, I wouldn't want to be involve in a cat fight with me being cold blooded while him lying there blood cold.

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