22 July 2008

Living in Oxymoronia

Among the many things that people said about me was that I don't look gay, which at first glance sounds like a good thing, but it's actually not. Being a gay man that looks straight means that most gay men wouldn't have notice you unless you are exceptionally good looking or has a body to die for, which I have neither. With little to no glimpse and glances, that roughly translates to zero encounters. No stalkers, no admirers, no nothing. Whether I want the attention or not is besides the point, the point is that you wouldn't have thought that I am gay if I were to be hanging around you. You see the irony there? There I am but there I am not.

Not that there were no attention, just not the right kind of attention. Succumbing to the natural law that the opposite attracts, a straight gay man tends to attracts the attention of girls. Rejecting a girl without telling her about your own sexuality can be a daunting task. As a matter of fact, telling her about your sexuality might not be the best course of action. Although it was said that girls are more likely to accept gays, it doesn't really cover the guys that they have a crush on. You try to be not that good a person but somehow people still think that you deserve a good girl. There I may not be yet somehow I'm there.

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Anonymous said...

u definitely hv secret admirers...

pantai guy