04 July 2008


"Are there gay bars there?"
"There were a few. You didn't visit any?"
"No. Didn't know where they were."
"I see."
"I heard that anal sex is punishable by death there. Is it true?"
"Haha... did you had anal sex while you are here?"
"No. I don't want to die."
"Haha... well, for your information, anal sex is not punishable by death here. Where did you hear this from?"
"From some American friends."
"And you believe them?"
"I can't judge since I don't live there."

This comes from a random chatter from China. I would have continue sarcastically if I have not grown to be as, ahem, mature in thinking (aka lazy) as I am now. But what amazed me was the fact that people can be so ignorant and willing to believe what Americans said, reminds me of our not so distant pass, that people believe that Malaysians live on trees.

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