06 September 2008


Many people cannot grasp the concept of a long distance relationship. They feel that if they were to be attached, they would want to be able to see the person in real whenever and wherever they want. To share their life in the presence of each other. It is true that being apart give rise to the possibilities of infidelity but I seriously believe that I don't need to be an ocean apart to fool around. It is not the physical distance that matters, it is emotional distance, the distance between two hearts that matters. If both person love each other and hold their vow sacred, there wouldn't be any issue on infidelity. 

And then there were those who simply prefer a variety in their sex life rather then a dull staple. I wouldn't bet on anyone changing their mindset, sex can be addictive. Love and sex is two separate things for them. One can have sex with anybody but not love anybody. It might be an alien concept to many people who believe in love divine, but, really, how you missed out on all the fun. In the end, it is merely fun for them. Nothing more and nothing less. And this had nothing to do with the distance of the relationship. It is on the person that you are with or the person that you are yourself.

Do you want to find out whether he has fool around? It would be either confrontation or acknowledgement. Would that make your feel better? Maybe in the long run you'll be out of it, but how many of us can really get out once messed up?

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