02 November 2008


A friend decides to start a relationship with someone in his early twenties. He meets the friend's physical requirements of a boyfriend and he seems to have a matured thinking, which is where all hell nearly break loose. It seems that maturity holds different meaning for people at different age. I don't think that people in their early twenties are childish or tend to throw tantrums, as I was in that age myself and would think that I was matured back then. But the truth is, people at different age looks at daily life differently. We have different level of importance, punctuality, cleanliness, politeness and the list go on. Even people in the same age group do not agreed upon a set of standards, how could cross-age people shares common understanding. 

Granted, it is for the two to work things out between themselves, but then you realized that some things just cannot be accommodated. When you are at a certain age, we require the person that we are going to share our life with to act in a certain way, sometimes failing to realize that it is something accumulated through experience as we age, which our younger counterparts might lack. Or that we are merely in a different phase in life, we have done wild things and now cherish the quiet moments in life, but for them, life just started, who are we to rob them of this freedom?

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