15 November 2009


Daniel is a very fun and to-be-made-fun-of name, which have a lot of improvised variations such as Danny, Dani, Dan, Deno, Danilo, Danko, Danyil etc. One can actually go crazy in improvising the spelling of the name for the benefit of their numerology. A lot of people, except Daniel themselves (I hope), probably doesn't know this, Daniel means "Judgment of God", which leads to a not that widely known phrase, a Daniel come to judgment. Although it did make a popular appearance in Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice, though I doubt many among us knows about The Merchant of Venice, let alone have read about it. The phrase itself means someone who makes a wise judgment about something that has previously proven difficult to resolve. O Daniel, how I do honor thee.

And being so close to God, it is only natural that there is a Book of Daniel.

There is a famous Irish song, which was ironically written by an American that has never step foot on Ireland, called Danny Boy. If you are aware of the trend of the current gay culture, you would find the first line of the lyric "Oh Danny boy, the pipes,the pipes are calling" as amusing as I find it.

There was actually two songs titled Daniel. One was by the Queen Diva himself, Sir Elton John written in the 70s while the other was more contemporary by Bat for Lashes. Two very different songs but interestingly, there must be something divine in Daniel's eye which attracts both songs to mentioned it.

Last but not least, the name Daniel can be anagrammed to denial, which brings us to Daniel in denial. Something which I often use for my Daniel friends.

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