01 March 2012

Handle with Care

No no, don't be silly dear, when I said 'open', I don't mean open to everybody regardless of shapes and sizes. What I actually meant was 'open to the type that I am interested in'. Why not be straight forward you say? I thought that was widely understood. Anyhow, do you really need me to shove it in such brutal manner? Although I know you want it in a way, but sadly that's not the way I'm heading. What I'm trying to say is, life is fair, everybody is given choice. True, some people have better options while others have to resort begging, but that's how life goes. Life is not fair. Oh wait, I think I told you life is fair just now. Oh well, life get tanned sometimes. Don't ask me why. I don't have a say in how life works, I'm just sharing with you what little I understand about life. Am sure you understand what I meant, it's not exactly rocket science or needing you to sit under a tree or crucified to accomplish. Anyway, got to go, screwing time. Adios and good luck.

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