14 April 2012


Live like it is your last day on earth, I always thought that this quote is encouraging. But now I realize it only works under the pretense that you are not really dying tomorrow or anytime soon for that matter. Because if today is really your last day to live, it's going to be a hard day to live. Where should you start living? Who should you spend it with? What should be the last thing you do? What do you wear for your grand finale? So much things to do and decide yet so little time. But then again, the sheer pressure of death by midnight surely overwhelms anyone, that it becomes insignificant what we do on your last day alive.

We all know that we are going to die sooner or later, but we will always think that it is later, rather then sooner. So when it happens sooner, can we handle it? If you know for sure that  you shall perish by the next 1, 3, 5 or 10 years, given this fixed amount of days to live, can you really live well? It's hard to imagine ourselves dying soon, because even people who are dying wouldn't really put their mind about it. Regardless of how much people embrace death, the cold lingering touch it leaves can freezes you over. The touch of death is in a way a physical connection, not an imaginative one, because you can't imagine death until deaths knocks on your door.

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