25 April 2012


I have blood on my hands
and as I wipe away the stain with my tears
my heart shatters into pieces
cutting into the core of my soul

The silent scream of remorse deafen
and as I lay there staring into the darkness
my body shivers uncontrollably
the mind lost in perpetual sadness

Knowing that I have do you wrong
and no amount of wishing or trying
can undo my sin
with rue my life spirals

I dare not look you in the eyes
for fear to the see the pain in them
if only you will hate me more
maybe the misery will overwhelm this guilt


Scharsz said...

U ok? u sounds troubled.. go find ur frens and have some talk over ur own issues.. dun keep it to urself..

a3o said...

there are many a things in life that one has to deal with by themselves