26 June 2012

2012 SCKLM & Day After

Finishing 3 hours and 15 minutes for my half marathon wasn't the greatest of time, but seeing that I have not trained for it, nor have I work out for the pass couple of months, I think I did well. Especially when I can still manage to jay walk the day after.

Met up with a friend that I knew online, and he is actually my ex's ex. Talk about small world. Although my ex never did tell me much about this ex of his, not that I pry too much into his pass. Still, it might be weird for some but seeing that I know a few ex of my ex, so this is not exactly new to me. We didn't talk about the ex that we shared, instead he let me into some of his current relationship. I have my thoughts on it but that's for another post, one that might not destine to surface.

Meeting with people, indulging in singlehood, that all seem so alien to me now. Although I can still feel the vibe, but I find myself uninspired by it, I guess the burden of living weights heavily on me. What is left to be done now that life closes in on me. I guess I have to pick up all the jigsaw in my life and bid farewell to them one by one, as I seal them in the parcel meant for the life after.

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