03 July 2012


Half a year has gone by and it's already beginning of July. Some people count their blessing for they have live thus far, I mourn for myself as I am one step closer to my demise. Life is at the best as it could now, however bleak it might seems.

I think it is his birthday month, or was it September? I do not remember clearly for I never proud myself with dates. But does it matter now? Would I send him a birthday wish, or do I merely let it pass by me like everything else does. Maybe if I see someone greeting him on Facebook then I will follow suit. As much as I try to care, I failed to muster a single will to do so.

I realized that it is no longer about him or us. Seems like it is always about me and nobody else. What a revolution. But then again, what is revolution but some silly lies that we make ourselves believe. I always try to find a reason for my existence, a reason to justify my action, and it turns out that the joke is on me all this while. I have no need for reason to survive, for life is only so long.

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