09 July 2012


Closure in life is good. Sometimes we need closure to help get over something or someone. It might not really cover it up, but at least it is a step towards letting it go. But there is a sadness to endure if the closure comes in the aspect of relationship, whether it is lover, family or friends. But something has to be done, some people you have to let go in order for you to move on, eventhough there is nowhere to go. But I guess in this way, we are letting go for them to move on, at least if we believe it hard enough, this makes the act more noble.

I have always been called a cold person, me with my rarely smiling face and unapproachable character. I was content with this kind of relationship with the world and people around me. Then love struck and some bad karma come along, kicking and screaming, I was bruised and can no longer find my way back to solitude. Instead of a life cast by overhang shadows which I can sometimes hide in, life becomes a perceptual darkness instead. One might think that something huge might have block out the sunlight and everything will go back to usual, but when darkness lingers, you know it's here to stay. Closed and sealed shut.

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