16 July 2012

Journey to the Lostworld

It was 3 in the morning on a weekday, I was driving home and passed by the famous Lostworld. Eventhough I live quite near to it, the number of times I've been there can probably be counted by two hands. The last time I've been there, well, I don't really remember actually when I was there last. So feeling a bit adventurous, I made a detour into the carpark and to my surprise, there were actually people there still.

So I park my car and walked down. Didn't really travel far, was just walking at the car park and this guy stopped me at my track. He asked me to join him in his Lexus. He was actually quite insistent as he grab my hand. What's worse is that against my better judgement, I went into his car. Well, to my defense, I thought that since I have never experience this before, I might as well give it a try. Who knows, it might turn out great.

Well, nothing too erotic happened. He wanted to kiss me but I decline, mainly cause he contradict himself during our short conversation. He says he don't come here often, yet his action shows otherwise.Sometimes I wonder why people lie like this. Was it shame? Or do they think that by pretending to be innocent, they can get hookup easier. But really, nobody is new to all this nowadays, not even a 12 years old.

Afterwards we left his car and was walking in the carpark again. He was suggesting to hookup with another person for threesome, which again, contradicts his earlier statement of being new to all this. Anyway, as I decline him again, he tried to ask me to get into his car again, but seeing that I'm in open space, it's easier for me to escape. Who knows he might drive me somewhere and force me to rape him...

Around 4ish, I drove home tired. This adventure has been troubling to a certain extent. But at least I know that I wouldn't be feeling the same type of adventurous again anytime soon.

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