26 July 2012

Betrayer of Trust

It hurts to have your trust betrayed. But then you have to ask yourself, was the trust hard earned or was it merely a trust given at first sight? Sometimes against our better judgement, we put our faith in people that we barely know because they somehow exude a sense of trustfulness. And as the truth unfold, the magnitude of the lies involve daunts you. Should we curse the opportunist when it is you yourself that let the door open?

Why justify the act of cheating you ask. Well, in this great society of presumption where one is innocent until proven guilty, even liars have to be defended. Just because liars are at fault, doesn't mean they should not be heard. Just because their reasoning is askew, doesn't mean it should be straighten out. Where is the freedom if we deny the wrongful to speak their right mind?

As someone who knows what betrayal taste like, I have to say that betraying leaves a tingling after taste that makes you wanting for more. There is a sweetness to the spinning lies, a bitterness to the remorse, and at the back of the tongue, a choking feeling of reality crushing down. Liars are glutton for the sweet poison of misery. 

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