26 February 2013

Friendly of sort

Sometimes you meet with a guy that is so friendly to you, that makes you feel appreciated but come the next day, he became so distant and cold. All the warmth and well wishes traded before the meet up and sex, all turn into short and simple replies instead. You wonder, is all the effort just to get into your pants? Well, partially so but at the same time, some people are just born this way. Their attention span is short, and they don't dwell too long in a relationship that has went pass the great orgasm. Would you call them jerks? Of course, but then again, sometimes it is our own fault of wanting more than was offered, the disappointment born of our own expectation, so who is there to blame but ourselves? 

We are merely passing by each other's life. At a crossroad we met, we get to know each other, we had fun. But when it is time to move on, we should gracefully bow out. And even if we refuse to let go, that feeling should be locked up inside, better a heart breaks inside, then to shatter into ugly pieces that cuts everybody.

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