19 May 2013

Break a cherry

Do you remember the first time you get down and dirty with another man? I'm sure you do. Mine, well, it wasn't the most pleasant of experience. But I did redeem myself with a threesome on my second endeavor, so I guess I was even with myself.

My first sexual experience started right after I was over 18, for some reason that's the age when I allow myself to have a taste of men. Probably quite young for my age group, for I know people who have their first taste of man much later then me. But I also know that kids nowadays started way younger, too young for their own good I guess. Because by the age of 18, they have done it all.

Would I advice the younger generation to hold their first time for the person they love? Well... sex is over rated, but I have to admit, making love feels much better then having sex. Cherish it if you happen to chance upon it, else rampant sex can merely satisfy our primal urge, not that tingling sensation of love and lust collides.

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