16 May 2013

Rendezvous in the gym

"Aren't you scared when you do it in the open?"
"That's part of the excitement."
"True, but imagine people finding out."
"Well, rest assure that it is not as big a secret as you think."
"You mean people are aware of you guys doing it there?"
"I think so. I think there might even be something similar happening next door."
"Wow... that's unimaginable to me."
"Once you've tried it, then you'll know that it's actually much more common then you think."

Many a stories I heard about people having sex in the gym shower. This has eluded me all these years, but finally I have a first hand experience. From what I have gathered, it starts in the steam room. People taking off their towel to sit on the bench, circumstantially exposing their soft tool. Then you'll see another person sitting or standing opposite, or parading around, adjusting their towel or what not. The braver one would just sit down and slowly edge their hand or leg towards the other person. And if the guy was not startled or react, then it probably means green to go.

Is it exciting? Indeed it can be so. Exciting as it is, but I do wonder, is it worth the risk?

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