10 August 2014

In guts I trust

Sometimes when bad things happens, it happens in a roll, as if someone has just put a curse on you. Ridiculous yet alarming series of unfortunate events unfold one after another, nearly putting one off balance. There is nothing we can do to change it, we can only endure the damage of the aftermath. Painful as it is but we must treat it as a sign; a sign where the universe gives us a heads-up about the bumpy life journey ahead. If we were to pay attention to the warnings laying blatantly before us, we could avoid further damage. We often do not appreciate precautions steps that helps evades troubles, we only complain of our lack of hindsight, thus it is crucial that we learn to trust our guts, that when hookups turns nasty, celibacy is probably the best way to appease the divines.

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