17 August 2014

Scandalous Instagram Account

Roughly 3 months back, I did something really scandalous. I created an Instagram account with the tagline of "My Fucking Memoir in Still", documenting moments of my sex life, in which there are pictures of oral, anal and some down right kinky stuff. In less then 3 months, I posted around 40 very revealing pictures, and was able to gather nearly 4 thousand followers. The figure was a bit shocking to me, but after seeing other people which can gather 400 likes for one picture in less then an hour, I realize my feat was actually mediocre by standards. Too bad the officials caught up and the account was banned, which was not surprising at all. Thankfully it was banned, for I realize I really don't have much pics to post anymore. And no, am not planning to recreate another similar account, too much effort and too stressful. There were many times during the 3 months period, where I log on to Instagram in the middle of the night, or every hour after I posted a pic, just to find out how many likes I can gather or if anybody left me any comments. It can borderline psychotic and narcissistic for sure.

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