13 December 2007

Bizarre Love Polygon

You have a boyfriend.
You are his only boyfriend.
You have another boyfriend.
This boyfriend has his own boyfriend.
Besides his boyfriend and you, he has other boyfriends.
But you yourself also have other boyfriends.
And all these boyfriends also have their own boyfriends.
Identically, most of them have other boyfriends.
Making you concubine for them and them concubine for you.
But somehow your boyfriend only has one boyfriend.

Sounds complicated? You be surprise that it is actually a norm in the circle. Sounds like sex buddies? They beg to differ because according to people involved, they are more then just sex buddies, there are actually some sorts of emotion beside lust involved. Is it wrong? Only if you make it so. Everybody has a choice to choose the lifestyle they want. Pity the boyfriend who is loyal. condolence extended to him too but there isn’t much any of us can do.

Was it because the boyfriend cannot provide the emotional or physical satisfaction? Maybe. Why shouldn’t they just breakup? Because although he cannot satisfy all his needs, he can satisfy some of them. By getting their satisfaction here and there, he has the complete satisfaction needed. That’s selfish. Well, good for you that you are kind, generous and to exhibit all traits of good, but I’m afraid for the some people in the world, they are selfish, self-centered and doom to torment in hell. That’s life.

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