30 December 2007


Just joined a blogring and I thought by doing this, I would do some publicity stunt for this blog of mine. I was considering penning down my daily ramblings, but then I realize I have tried that before and it doesn't suit my style. The whole point of this blog was not to share my life, but just my point of view in this gay life of mine. I'm not out of the closet, nor am I likely to be out anytime soon. It's kind of like a dilemma but I'm sure alot of people out there are having the same issue.

Not many people know of the existence of this blog, at the moment, I only knew of two person who actually have read this blog. I have a mind to share this blog with all the gay friends of mine but then I realize that many of the stuff I wrote here was not really meant for them. It would probably shock them, me being a seclusive person, with my opinions and all. Thus the name of the blog, a life within another life. It's not only hidden from my straight circle, it is also hidden from my gay circle. So, really, you who know of this blog and know of me in person, count yourself lucky for you are in a league of prestige. Haha.

Most of the entries are posted in Axcest too, which has some feedbacks and following. It is a great feeling when you know that what you have written has an impact on someone. That somebody's life was changed, no matter how small it might be. The resonance of acceptance are a delight to the author.

There are a few readers who commented that my style was similar to Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. I don't deny that there are some influence from the show as I quite like the show myself. Somehow the style of writing comes naturally to me. Though it is much more different for my writing in chinese instead. I guess that being true to the name of the blog, I seem to be portraiting a different aspect of myself as I move from one medium to another. I think I have multiple personalities disorder.

I wonder what would happen when all this personalities of mine converge together. All hell would probably break lose. But I am seeing an enlightenment at the end of the tunnel, yet I fear that I dare not trek this path. I just can't get over the hurdle that is myself.

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Anonymous said...

haha....so i am one of the two who knows about the existence of this blog....wow....i feel so honoured..