21 March 2008


Socializing in this circle is a very delicate maneuver. This circle being small as it is, even though with many people still in the closet and all, it's hard not to know someone who knew someone else you knew. Adrian, whom you met in the chatroom, might knew Brian, who was your ex, Calvin's good friend, Daniel's colleague, whom you are still in contact with which has a godbrother, Ethan, whom is one your of ons, Frank's sexbuddy. If you were to put an effort in linking everybody together, you'll be amazed as to how connected you are to the world. Or how messed up you are... depending on how you want to look it anyway.

Some of us prefer to maintain a certain level of discreetness. Maybe they are shy, maybe they are closeted, maybe they are ugly, maybe they are your siblings who knew you were openly gay, maybe they are all of the above, regardless, for people who has a reason to be discreet, socializing in the circle can be daunting. Chatters nowadays are usually incline to ignore people who does not show their face pic, even a nicely build 6 pack can only last you so long. You really does not have any reason whatsoever nowadays to not have a face pic in the world wide web in this technologically advance century. So it become a matter of choice whether you want to show your face to the circle. I believe that if one were to show their face pic openly in any gay channel, they are already half way out of the closet. At least all the gay knows.

The gay brotherhood, or some aptly called it the sisterhood, is a strong band of men who can usually bitch better then a bunch of hags. A true band of brothers would have discussed about not only their daily events, but also their sexual adventure. Some bands of brothers even knew first hand how good the other is in bed. Although it is a commonly held rule to not kiss and tell, many of us let our mouth flab. The brotherhood might be discussing the best method to bulk up, when a certain reference to a certain well built man might somehow lead to someone well endowed, and ultimately lead to ons encounters where the latest trophy was displayed. I believe that most of us has an IQ over 180 seeing that we can seemingly figure out complex correlation between each gay men.

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