25 May 2008

Infatuation of the Big Tool

Hypothetically speaking, regardless of your position preference, if you have two equally gorgeous naked men standing before you, one with a standard Asian size of stone hard 5.5 inch while another is raging monster at nearly 7 inch, who would you pick to satisfy your primordial lust?

We always says that it is not the size that matters, it's how you use it that matters. But this is only true after you experienced the tool first hand as to how well it perform. Then, why do we naturally go for a bigger tool? For many a bottoms, it might be because it provides them the satisfaction of reaching the g-spot, although many have commented that it is really how you use it that truly matters.

For tops, it really doesn't matter unless he likes to oral. Granted, it feel much better to hump someone with a hardon then to have it dangling about, but it is an acceptable fact that sometimes a bottom can't get hard while being entered. So why are tops equally infatuated with big tools too? I really have no idea why, somehow it just is.

It is bad enough that we discriminate ourselves base on age, look, body size and what-not, we are even scrutinized base on our tool size. There really is no ending to perfection that gay seeks.

PS: Thanks for the concern, but my size is not your concern unless you want it inside you. Bleh~

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