04 June 2009


So there was this unknown guy that prompts me on msn, obviously someone I have removed from my list. After the short pleasantry exchange, I confessed that I have no recollection who he is and he told me that we chatted long time ago and never met before. For no apparent reason, the conversation make a sharp turn.

"I was at the club the other day and someone asked to fuck me, but I am top wo, how ah?"
"Go get fuck then, you might like it."
"But how ah? How to get fuck ah?
"Google it."
"How la, I don't know wo."

I removed and blocked him. What the hell was he thinking? First, I don't believe that people can be so thick that they do not know how to use Google. Second, is that suppose to be some ice breaking conversation? I mean, come on, of all the things one can say, that is one the of dumbest and most desperate thing I have ever heard. My personal take on him was that he is obviously a super bottom deprieved of sex and most likely going for something like "Can you show me ah?" at the end of the conversation. Indeed most top have this egoistic satisfaction of converting another top to bottom, but top fuck with their dick not think with their dick.

Argh... idiot!!


Anonymous said...

haha..wow, u still so hot aRrrr..hahaha


a3o said...

am always hot...
that's why I sweat so much~~~