28 October 2012

In Darkness We Wait

In darkness we wait. That is what half naked men do in sauna. As much as it is a place for some men to release their unruly sexual urges, what most of them does is to walk and stand around, even those good looking ones. Though I once wonder why does good looking men need to go to sauna, I have yet to reach a conclusive answer. But I believe it has to do with the fact that some of us need more sex than what we currently have, ranging from a zero for the less fortunate one, to a one for the attached one, and of course not forgetting the wild one which has no limit. Whatever the reason, they might not always get all that they want due standards issues. Standards being what they expect in other men, and what other men expect good looking men to want. The fact is, they all want the same thing, yet they are too shy to approach, cause really if there is no good men around, would you loiter there a few hours instead?

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