22 October 2012

Music to the ear

There are over six thousand songs in my iPod now, some of them belongs to you. I can tell which songs I got from you, which songs were already there before that. Sometimes I wonder, would we be listening to the same song at the exact moment, but I know that the chance is slim. Yet I dwell in the thought, that at least I'm listening to songs that you will likely listen to, eventhough not at the exact same moment as I. 

There are times that I repeatedly listen to the same song over and over again, just to make myself remember, to recall what it was like, what it was like to lose you. I seem to be hook onto the tingling sensation of despair. How peculiar that life can flip so easily. There was a time when jovial rhythm strike my chords, but now I seem to resonate with sad love songs instead. 

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