07 December 2012

Chapter 2

After the class finished, I saw him talking to some of the other members and I know that he is going to take his time. So I went on to run on the treadmill for fifteen minutes or so. I have registered for a half marathon later next month, and I haven't been working out exactly. I worry that since I didn't practice, I might have difficulties during the last league of my run. Having joined a few marathons, I have no doubt that I can finish the race, it's just a matter of timing. The funny thing about participating in a marathon is that, every time I curse my own foolishness during the run and swore that it will be my last, yet I come back to it again. A glutton for pain I guess.

By the time I went into the shower, the crowd has thinned. I strip off my gym cloth and wrap the white towel around my waist. There was a cute guy sitting on the bench opposite me, I thought I caught him eyeing me while I was getting ready to shower. Presumably the shower in this gym is quite cruisy, I have witness a few stiff cocks hanging around. Though I yearn for a first hand experience yet it remains elusive to me. As I went into the cubicle to shower, I thought I caught the cute guy again at the corner of my eye, but when I finished showering, he was nowhere to be seen. I look at the clock hanging on the wall and it's nearly half pass nine, so I quickly pat myself dry and change into a pair of navy blue jean, and a white collared t-shirt then walk out of the gym.

We met up at the cafe on ground floor. He said that he was famish and ordered a plate of spaghetti and a glass of ice lemon tea. Though tempted by the menu, I restrain myself from ordering anything too heavy, finally settled with a ceasar salad and a cup of hot mocha. As we were waiting for the food to arrive, we chit chat about what has been going on with our lives lately and he started complaining about his boyfriend. He says his boyfriend is being too controlling, that the boyfriend is not happy with him being near other  men. That prove to be an annoyance as he has quite a number of admirers hanging around him. I just look at him and comment that he is handling the delicate situation very well. He look back and gave me a smile.

The drinks arrived first, then came the food. As we were dining, we gossip about some of the common friends that we had, just to keep each other updated. We finished our food and he took out a pack of cigarette. I know how to smoke, but I am not a smoker myself, don't even consider myself a social smoker, but once in awhile I will give puffing a try. Just as I exhale the smoke, he suddenly drop the bomb and told me that his substance abuse habit is getting the worse of him and his relationship with the boyfriend.

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