19 April 2013

When life goes bad to worse

Indeed it's bad, terrible to say the least, but c'est la vie, even if we don't want to accept the cruel truth in life, it will still be shove down us regardless. It's not easy to make peace with it, probably not ever, all we can do is to cope with it. Focus on the better things in life, that's been suggested, nonetheless it is hard. Harder still when you have to deal with it alone. Some pain cannot be shared, some pain are better left endured by yourself. Why? Silly pride, that's probably why. In the cold dark night, when silence creeps in, we are always left alone to reflect upon ourselves. But thinking about what went wrong will do no right, it will only drive the pain deeper, until a shattered heart be broken even further. That's when you realized, when life goes bad to worse, worse can go to worst.

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