08 June 2014

With a Vengeance

With the boom of social media, the dynamics of gay interactions evolved. Many a thing once deem taboo even by gays are now generally accepted, like... hmm... come to think about it... is there even any taboo for gays? Anyway, my point being, gay interactions in this digital age has intensified greatly. People are losing their virginity sooner, trying out all sorts of sexual practices and of course quadrupled the chance of getting to know people who share similar fascination towards the male body. It not only opens up our world, it also taught us vital skills in life, namely the art of rejection.

In this day and age, we have all our fair share of being rejected and rejecting others. We all have had doors slammed in the face at hello, be it slammer or slammed. Though rejection is never an enjoyable vibe, we all learned to accept it, because the rule of the universe dictates "as you choose, you are chosen upon too". It's a fair world; if you want to get that cute, handsome and built man, make sure you are equally cute, handsome and built. Simple logic.

That being said, rejection can be a driving force too. We have all heard stories of people losing tremendous weight or gaining ripping muscle to become an adonis. We naturally assume that these hunks get all the good meat in the circle, which I have yet to conclude, seeing that their path and mine don't cross. As to how and if rejection does keeps one motivated, I guess it very much depends on individual.

But there is one thing about rejection that we all share, that is the sense of achievement when we are accepted by those who once rejected us. Especially in the case of hooking up, it feels great when you finally get under the pants of those who once rejected you; and the session ends with a mental note for yourself "reject me, see where I get you now, ha!". The sense of accomplishment can be so overwhelming that some consider it their trophy moment and can't wait to share it with others. Lets face it, even though kiss-and-tell is a terrible habit, but for an average joe, we pride ourselves in nailing a handsome dude.

But people often lose sight when it comes to after-sex contemplation (yes, the universe preach that one should always reflect upon oneself after orgasm, it's a good stimulation for the mind), we never question why the person who rejected us accept us again? Was it because we was unimpressive back then that the guy has no recollection? If that is the case, do we question ourselves whether we have improved much since then? If the answer is negative, why do we not wonder why we were accepted again this time round? The answer might not be forthcoming from the person, but there are consensus about how such change of heart happens, and that is, the person was just too horny and you happens to come by when all his options go south. To put it bluntly, it was mere luck and it's likely to be a one-off kind of thing, so don't get carried away and hope to become his buddy or worse, fuel your ego with false pride. The rules of universe dictates, "universe hiccups too", so after the hiccup, the rules will fall back into place, and the world will keep on going as it is, with both person once again segregated accordingly.

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