28 June 2014

Ecclesiastes 1:9

Nowadays, gays hookup with strangers mostly through social media. Some get their fill of meat at sauna while some tries their luck in the gym shower. I am guilty of all three charges in declining order.

There was a time when I would laugh at the idea of me fooling around in the gym shower, but now I smirk at the thought. I confess that my sexual experiences varied but there are many things I have never tried. For one, I have never hook up with a random stranger on the street. I have heard stories of how two guys with brief eye contact walking up to each other and ends up in the toilet nearby with their cock out, sadly I have yet cross eye with any such guy. One likely reason is because I'm not friendly looking outwardly, although being tall and having a fast walking pace might be contributing factors too. But I don't doubt such stories, even though I am quite certain it wouldn't be happening on me anytime soon, I do try to walk slower nowadays and scan my surrounding more, hoping against hope to chance upon the fabled sex-a-first-sight. 

Except for those introduced during group activities, the almighty internet has always been my, and likely most men's main supplier. The internet has in a very short span of time nurtured in the Golden Era of Great Promiscuousness, where the first cardinal rule for achieving great promiscuousness sings, "o horny soul, behold! to see nothing is to hear no. be bold! there are plenty of other horny souls."

The second rule for achieving great promiscuousness says, size does matter! It is stated mathematically as F = ma, which states that the vector sum of the fuck force (F) on a bottom is equal to the mass of the cock (m) multiplied by the acceleration vector (a) of the cock. In layman's term, the intensity of a fuck is equal to how hard can your cock gets and how fast can you fuck. When velocity is controlled to remain constant, the mass of the cock will determine how much fuck force can be produced. Given that m = ρxHxWxL, where mass (m) equals to density (ρ) multiplied by height (H), width (W) length (L), in which density remain constant as every unit length of a cock contains the same amount cells, while height, width and length are the variables. Thus, the dimension of the cock and how well it measured up, becomes the one and only factor in determining how good the fuck was, ultimately reinforcing the notion that size does matter.

Ecclesiastes 1:9 The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

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