29 March 2009

Comfort of Lies

“If one day your friend’s bf ask you for sex, would you?”
“No, just you and him, behind your friend’s back.”
“I could but I wouldn’t.”
“Somehow doesn’t sound reassuring.”
“I promise not to screw your bf if he asked, assuming you getting one anytime soon.”
“Go die.”
“Right after I screwed your bf?”

I’ve had my share of fun with other people’s bf, knowing very well that they are attached but I in no way know who their bf were. Probably doesn't justify it, but hey, if it's not me there, it's probably someone else, why not me. Of course, not many would willingly admit that they are attached when they are fooling around because we all know the taboo of infidelity especially in this circle, even though it is as rampant as can be. Some people has the mentality block that fooling around with other people's bf is wrong, probably due to the fact that they lost theirs through similar incident, but if the person is under the pretense of singlehood, then it make everything ok, or at least they feel better lied to. Curious how some people take comfort in lies.

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