05 March 2009

Thy Body, Thy Temple

In gay social network website, there are a column which ask us to choose our body types. Slim, chub, average, toned, muscle. Being someone who is self-aware and very much insignificant, I opt for being mediocre in the sea of beautiful male bodies. No doubt I envy those who has a sculpt body but lazy as lazy goes, I have only myself to blame. I just can't motivate myself enough to go the distance needed.

Skimping through profile after profile, picture after picture of these well defined body, one can't stop fantasying what it would be to get into their pants. It proved to be even more exhilarating when one of this men prompted you for hookup. Alas, those are blue moons moments left till kingdom come. More likely are chance encounter in the gym where the said body undresses in the locker or was parading in his glory in a party that one might be invited to.

And then horror struck, and the reality of time and photoshop suddenly daunts you. Complexion can be edited, time leaves mark on the body and many of us don't upload our latest pictures to our profile. Defined is loosely defined. We are merely worshiping something of the bygones.

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