17 March 2009

Random Encounters

It seems that I've been missing out on a particular type of adventure all this while. Supposedly one can be shopping in a mall, make eye contact with someone, strike up a conversation and have sex, all in the same day. I thought it's only possible in stories, but I guess every story has its root in truth. And it seems that it's commonly practiced too. Gosh, have I been holding up in a narrow shaft of well all this while?

It's probably because I don't make enough eye contact or that I don't smile enough. People have commented that I don't smile enough and to that I answered, "Why should I smile for no reason? Isn't that borderline lunatic?" And to that the comment escalated from I don't smile enough to I don't look friendly to I look arrogant. To that, the stare, which is probably where the arrogance of mine kicks in. Rooted in truth indeed.

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