16 May 2012

What Works

Why do people resort to extreme practices or habits to escape the pain that they feel inside? Because it works. Eventhough it only works while so ever shortly, which is why it turns into an addiction. The truth is that they know the implication of their action, but during that particular time of sorrow and pain, what they want is only to forget their pain. Once they are sober again and the pain starts to eat them up inside once more, they dwell back into their extremities yet again. Repeating the whole vicious cycle until one day, the pain was long forgotten but the addiction remains. We look at them and say, you have lost your direction. We can no longer hear the ghostly past that haunts them and their blank stares buried their pain deep within. We judge them, not understanding the pain they have to endure, we thought that they have lost their common sense, but we ourselves forgot that when we are hurting, what we held onto is not common sense but a lack of any senses.

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