16 September 2012

Beginning of the End

Recently, I have two friends in their early thirties that tells me, on two separate occasions, that their current failing relationship will be their last relationship ever. If this were to happen last year, I'll surely laugh at them for being cynical, but as I come to term with my own life, I realize that such an idea isn't as out of this world as I presume. Regardless of how determine those two are towards their no-more-relationship resolution, skeptical as I am, I find my conviction ever stronger, that if you truly believe that it is the one and only, the beginning of the end, then it is and shall remain to be so until...

Well, my trains of thoughts says, until the day we die, but that's something too distant for most people to understand. So, I guess I should be satisfy with, until the next moment of enlightenment comes along. That has been how I see life, that shit happens in life but there are always good things that come out of it, even though it hurts like hell.

Life always give you something as long as you live it, bad things come out of good fortune, bad luck can lead to good beginning, and if you think that you have the worst thing in life, well, you'll be surprise how life ingenious life can be for making your life miserable to a whole new level. And then there is strings of good luck, but we never appreciated those, we only realize it when good luck ends and bad fortune begins.

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