27 September 2012


In a relationship, there seems to always be one that is more controlling. Was it because of insecurity that one wants to monitor and restrict the others? Or were there other reasons?

Seems that the one that is controlled tolerate such behavior because that seems to be part and parcel of the relationship he is currently in, for no matter how much he tries to convince his partner otherwise, he seems to have the reputation of being unfaithful. But of course there are some truth in that, because once a player, always a player. Although it hurts a lot when one finds out that the one holding the leash is actually the one who was fooling around all this while. Irony maybe.

But then there are those who cherish their freedom too much, it is like a cause they championed which is sacred and cannot be tainted with even the slight suggestion of restriction. A typical Sagittarius one might call them. I was one of those, but now I realized those are the sad one. Sometimes we control because we care, when you deny the right to control, you deny yourself the chance to be cared for. Sometimes we don't always need to be the alpha male, take some time to enjoy the feeling of being cared for, it takes two to make a relationship works.

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